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 As the sole importers for many  top wineries world-wide we are continuously adding to our portfolio with wines sourced from our travels. 

 We endeavour to bring the best examples of the world’s wines to your table.

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Anthony Tindal

Larger than life in every way, Anthony is our Managing Director. He travels the world carefully selecting wines which remain true to their region, whilst offering true quality and value. Weekends ...

Penny Tindal

The creative bird, works from her empty nest – avoiding M50 migrations: Swallows’ Tale, Puna Snipe and Hooded Plover have been named and labelled to adorn the bottles produced by the husband’s ...

Harriet Tindal

Seems determined to fit as much as possible into her time… 3 boys, a horse, a dog, 3 hens (there were 6!) and some fish fill her home life. Responsible for social media, marketing and WSET ...

William Tindal

Winter sees him surfing waves and in summer he sails through them. Willy loves the West, hence that's his sales area, which he services in between regular 'sea' breaks!

Pascal Playon

French by name French by nature. We had a job to persuade him that quality wine is produced outside his homeland, ask him what ‘other’ wine he fancies? “Bouff” and a shrug may be the ...

Richard Verling

Been round the block a few times. The original salesman; a twinkle in his eye and a catalogue of jokes to put a smile on your face even on the darkest of days! With a deep knowledge (he studied ...

Moyra Crofts

Manages to keep her family and her extended family (everyone at Tindals) very well looked after. Peer through the window into her lair and you’ll see her crouched behind a slightly (water)stressed ...

Nicole Tyrrell

Currently about to hatch, Nicole is on maternity leave awaiting the arrival of her first baby!! Update to follow!

Nigel Werner

If you’re looking to invest in some fine wine or learn some more about a Cru Classé, Nigel is your man. In the wine trade since he started shaving, there’s very little that Nigel doesn’t ...

Mick Henchey

If you were over-taken by a black Mitsubishi in the deep south recently, it was probably Mick. Cruising between appointments (cups of coffee) he’s worked the Cork area for years. Leinster is ...

Declan Saunders

The Anneka Rice of wine, often seen rushing round central Dublin phone under his ear, case of wine on one arm and order book in the in other. Nothing is too much for Declan aka ‘golden boy’, ...

Amelia Dehas

By day Amelia takes wine orders and is the ‘authentic’ French accent on the end of the phone. By night she sings the most amazing ‘Edith Piaf’ renditions after one or two glasses of Bordeaux. ...

Emily Ryan

Working hard in her corner of the office Emily is a cog in the wheels of Tindal Wine Merchants. One woman purchasing team by day: Music fanatic and Meursault addict by night. Emily definitely ...

Martha Richardson

Having started life at Tindal's on the other side of the desk from Moyra, Martha is now indispensable to Declan and on a one woman mission to keep our customers updated with PR on their particular ...

Linda Conlon

Covering the 'nesting' Nicole, Linda is taking to the world of wine like a duck to water, which is fitting considering she sails the waterways around Malahide at least once a week. Windy Irish ...