About us

Tindal Wine Merchants, carefully established in 2004, are a family owned company importing some of the very best wines from around the world for distribution to the trade. Tindal Wine Merchants represent many top wineries world-wide, continuing to add to our growing portfolio. In September 2014 we took over Searsons’ wholesale list and team to bring a greater range and extend our reach of supply to members of the wine trade in Ireland.

The Tindals

Searsons retail outlet in Monkstown, Co Dublin - refurbished and extensively expanded, both in range and size - is fast becoming a wine lover’s must visit destination.

We reach all parts of Ireland with dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate members of our team living and working in each province.

Since 2008, we have a range of wines marketed under our own labels:

  •   Swallows’ Tale from South Africa
  •   Puna Snipe from Chile – produced from organically grown grapes
  •   Hooded Plover from Australia
  •   Wigeon from the Languedoc

Anthony Tindal is involved in the selection and blending of these wines, which are aimed at the discerning buyer looking for interesting wines at a good price and are truly representative of the vineyards and terroirs from whence they came.

We don’t like the use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, nor do we bulk ship our wines as the added handling and increased need for protective treatments impacts on quality. Anthony and his team travel extensively in search of wines considered to be truly representative of their terroir and amongst the best examples we can market and distribute.

As WSET approved program providers we regularly conduct courses covering all levels of wine & spirit training. Our tutor Harriet Tindal, studying for Master of Wine and one of only two accredited Burgundy Tutors in the country. Wine Knowledge and experience is key amongst our staff. Each has a background gaining knowledge of wine with nearly half holding their WSET Diploma. The other half are striving to do so...