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Bordeaux 2017 En Primeur offer








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'While 2017 may not have the professed perfection of 15 or succulent strength of 16, it is by all accounts a good vintage for a large proportion of Châteaux. Unlike the relatively ‘easy’ vintages of 2015 and 2016; 2017 demanded much effort in the vineyard in order to produce a grand vin of the expected quality...' to download the rest of this report and read in full, please click here.

'If you’re anyway interested in fine wine Bordeaux will be a heading bandied around many mails coming into your inbox this month. The 2017 en primeur campaign has started and the first Châteaux are gently releasing their prices. This will be an interesting campaign, not least because support for this vintage is (quite rightly) cautious thanks to late frosts decimating vineyards around the region' to read more of our thoughts on the difficult 2017 vintage, visit our blog by clicking here







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