Google Chrome Browser

The site will perform best with Google Chrome. If you don’t have this browser already installed on your computer, it is available for free download.

  1. Once installed
  2. Click the menu button on the RHS
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Set a specific startup page of
  5. Check show home button- set this to
  6. Check show bookmarks

Logging in

Passwords are case-sensitive. If you mislay your login details or wish for any reason to change your password please get in touch directly with our office at

To access confidential financial information on your account an account access password will be issued to you directly by your account manager.

A quick guide to the features of the site

The site is designed to allow you to access the Searsons wines you list quickly and easily. One of main features of the site is the Quick Order page.

Quick Order

When you visit the site for the first time, you will find that the quick order page has already been populated for you by your account manager with your usual wines that you have purchased from Searsons in the past 6 months. The products are listed by volume, so the products you buy most will appear at the top of the list.

To shop in Quick order you simply need to tick the box at the left hand of the screen to select the products you wish to reorder andadjust the quantity (in cases) in the Quantity column to suit you. Once you have selected all the products you need to reorder, click the Add to Basket key. Within under a minute your selection will be added to your shopping cart and you can proceed to checkout.

Search all wines

The Search All Wines page is designed to help you browse all the wines we currently list. On the left hand menu there are a number of search criteria such as colour, country, region, varietal and grower that you can select to refine your search. For example, you can view all the red wines we list from Italy by ticking these boxes. To search further, in a particular region for example, you can tick the region box and the site will then only show you wines from that region. To start a new search, simply unclick the boxes you have previously selected.