Our Team

Let us introduce you to the Tindal Team

Anthony Tindal


Larger than life in every way, Anthony is our Managing Director. He travels the world carefully selecting wines which remain true to their region, whilst offering true quality and value. Leading from the front, he believes in sustainable vineyard practices, forming long term relationships with quality driven producers around the globe and finally, the hard bit; visiting these vineyards especially those in the Southern Hemisphere on a regular basis. 

William Tindal

Director & sales in the Northwest

Winter sees him surfing waves and in summer he sails through them. Willy loves the West, hence that's his sales area, which he services in between regular 'sea' breaks!

Declan Saunders

Director of Sales

The Anneka Rice of wine, often seen rushing round central Dublin phone under his ear, case of wine on one arm and order book in the in other. Nothing is too much for Declan aka ‘golden boy’, he won’t let you down, whether it’s dispatching a last minute order, coaching the local football team (under-9s), cooking up a storm for his long suffering family or staying up the latest at a company get together, He’s your man!

Nigel Werner

Director of Fine Wine

If you’re looking to invest in some fine wine or learn some more about a Cru Classé, Nigel is your man. In the wine trade since he started shaving, there’s very little that Nigel doesn’t know about the world of top quality wine. When he’s not opening a bottle of Lynch-Bages or Leoville Barton for some eager punters he’s sitting behind a very tidy desk rallying the troops and bringing projects to fruition.

Harriet Tindal

Education WSET/ Assistant Buyer/ Cellar Advice

Having passed both parts of the Master of Wine exam Harriet is working on the final part; her Research Paper and is hoping to complete her studies late by 2018.  Expecting her fourth child in May Harriet will be back teaching WSET, tasting wine and filling the blog at the end of the year. 

Pascal Playon

Sales - South West

French by name French by nature. We had a job to persuade him that quality wine is produced outside his homeland, ask him what ‘other’ wine he fancies? “Bouff” and a shrug may be the reply! Wine must be in his blood because his natural palate is pretty spot on despite having fallen into his first job as a sommelier because he was French!

Richard Verling

Sales in Dublin

Been round the block a few times. The original salesman; a twinkle in his eye and a catalogue of jokes to put a smile on your face even on the darkest of days! With a deep knowledge (he studied for his MW) of wine ‘Richie’ seems to have most of the Asian establishments in Dublin coming back for more.

Matt Tindal


 Having been in the wine trade for around 20 years Matthew is an old hand at spotting trends, creating innovative lists and offering sound advice on wines to suit the Irish palate. He's always in demand for trade and corporate tastings thanks to his laid back, knowledgable persona.

Peter McCabe

Sales in the South West

Peter joins our team in the West and South-West of the country. A family man who started off his wine career at Ashford Castle in 1990. Peter has seen all sides of the wine trade, having worked in 5* Hotels, restaurants and as the first ever Irish Wine Steward on the Queen Elizabeth II. 

Jerome Caxard


Another Frenchman on the team, this time a resident of the South East of Ireland. Jerome is a family man with his roots firmly set in Irish soil. Loving wine, rugby and saucisson Jerome is an import worth sharing; hence he can be seen darting all over the middle, east and southeast of the country on his sales missions.

Damien Archer-Good

Sales in the South and Midlands

Damien not only looks sharp and efficient, he is! His mantra is planning ahead and with three young children, an entrepreneurial wife and a half Ironman to train for it’s certainly necessary. Down time is a glass of his favourite white; Menetou-Salon ‘Morogues’ or as a treat Le Corton from Bouchard Pére et Fils. Perhaps his next milestone will be the Marathon de Medoc, where he can combine his love of exercise and wine?!

Jamie Hunt

Sales Dublin

The youngest and newest member of our team. Having spent a couple of years 'learning cocktails' in New York Jamie has returned with his feet firmly in the drinks trade. A lover of spirits and craft products Jamie is your man if you're thinking of concocting a new drink for your menu. 

Fanny Wennerström

Sales West

Our Swedish sommelier turned sales woman flies round the West with a huge smile on her face. Fanatical about wine and passionate about food and the trade in Ireland Fanny is a great new addition to our team. 

Frank Donohoe

Purchasing and Logistics

You don't need to ask Frank if he's 'had his weetabix'! From the moment he gets into work Frank is on the ball. He is, in his own words 'slightly OCD' which certainly benefits our stock control and purchasing. 

Moyra Crofts

Financial Controller

Manages to keep her family and her extended family (everyone at Tindals) very well looked after. Peer through the window into her lair and you’ll see her crouched behind a slightly (water)stressed plant and piles of paperwork. The accountant in the office; Moyra is an integral part of the Tindal team..

Eileen McGrath

Accounts Administrator

Eileen is a breath of fresh air making a stressful job appear easy. She smiles through the day, heading home to her three little ones each evening. As Moyra's right hand women and a star on the 'debtors desk' she certainly earns her glass of Albarinho when she goes home.

Amelia Dehas

Office Administrator and Web Marketing

By day Amelia takes wine orders and is the ‘authentic’ French accent on the end of the phone. By night she sings the most amazing ‘Edith Piaf’ renditions after one or two glasses of Bordeaux. Tuesdays take her to Boxercise in an attempt to sweat out the excess ‘escargot’ and give her carte blanche to continue her love affair with fine food and wine at the weekend.

Linda Conlon

Orders / Customer Liaison

Linda is taking to the world of wine like a duck to water, which is fitting considering she sails the waterways around Malahide at least once a week. Windy Irish days spent in her trusty GP14 could well be the reason for her love of 'warming' Bordeaux reds over summer whites and rosés. 

Martha Richardson

Customer Administrator:

Martha keeps her head down in the office, plagued with work from Declan or deciphering pieces of information destined for the web. When not at work Martha is studying for her accountancy exams, but given the chance she can be found drinking a large glass of something suitably rich from the New World, whilst listening to Jazz with a PG Wodehouse not too far away!

Emily Ryan

Customer POS

Working hard in her corner of the office Emily is a cog in the wheels of Tindal Wine Merchants. One woman purchasing team by day: Music fanatic and Meursault addict by night. Emily definitely deserves her glass of wine in the evening (not always Meursault!) when the kids have gone to bed.

Penny Tindal

Penny Tindal

Company Branding 

The creative bird, works from her empty nest – avoiding M50 migrations: Swallows’ Tale, Puna Snipe and Hooded Plover have been named and labelled to adorn the bottles produced by the husband’s blending activities. Price Lists, point of sale material and anything illustrated are her bag.